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Established in July 2004 by a husband and wife who, opened a restaurant where you could get delicious reasonably priced meal with friendly service.  At the restaurant we took pride in providing great customer service, a value we carried over to this business.

We became the neighborhood eatery where friends and businesses came to meet at our location and through our web site. 

This popularity  propelled our site to the top of several  internet search engines bringing more customers to our affiliates. Selling the restaurant enabled our newly found search engine optimization (SEO) skills to be applied to other food service operators along with our current associates. . We are now the Go-To place to find the best food or services in the USA. Enabled to increase the sales and profits of any business, specializing naturally in restaurants.

Experienced in food service  to find THE BEST place to eat or bring the most people through your doors..


Please send an email to Michael@countrykitchennj.com with any questions and suggestions..






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